scotts reflection

Guess what : I have acheved kicking and holding on to the bar .

what : I went to the librey with my budy and we fond a asome book it was called “that pesky little rat”

so what:I learnt that Raold Dhal has a note book that he writes his iders in.

now what:I’m going to hold my breath under water for 30 secends.


Roald Dahl was born in Wales on 16th of September 1916. His parents were from Norway. When he was a child his parents sent to Repton School in England because they thought that schools in England were the best.  When he left school he worked for the  Shell Oil company until World War II. Then he joined the Air Force in 1939 but sadly he got injured because he got shot in the plane.  He had to spend half a year in hospital.  Nowadays we know him as a popular writer because he has written truckloads of books for children all over the world.

Roald Dahl said “I spent 20 years of my life writing short stories for adults but then our first child came along and  I used to make up stories for her every night.” He also said that he wouldn’t be good at writing children’s stories if he didn’t have children of his own. Roald has a notebook that he jots all his ideas in. He gets his ideas for writing not from dreaming, not from reading, but from other people. He writes his stories in a hut at the back of his garden. He hasn’t written any picture books but he has written loads and loads and loads (and loads) of chapter books.  I know his first book that he has written was called ‘The Gremlins.’  His favourite book that he wrote was called ‘The Twits.’ In a book he wrote called “Boy” he wrote about his schooldays.

Anyway, he died in November 1990. He died not because of the Air Force but I think because of old age. I wonder how he died? He’s a writer that everyone knows about because of all the books that he has written.  I’ve only read two and they were funny, hilarious, and great. That makes him the the best author I know. His story called “Fantastic Mr Fox” has been made into a movie at the cinema. He has also made “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” which  has also been into a movie.Raolds cool Raolds old but he makes great storys

made by scott thank you for lisning .

Raffle For a Ride

First time, Great News, 2009, Raffle for a Ride,. I WIN A RIDE TO SCHOOL IN A RALLY CAR. Not just a rally car –  Kerry Harvey’s Rally Car and here is how it started.

I was playing my violin and suddenly I smelled race car gas and tasted freedom. I heard a car doing burn outs and I saw a rally car come up the drive. Of course I ran up the wall, across the roof and jumped back because I was excited. When I got in I felt like I was already going and what woke me up from that feeling was a BIG VROOM VROOM! I was so frightened I nearly fell out of the car, but I didn’t because I was going round the Square.

Then I went to Russell Street School, up their driveway, onto the field, then walked down the RED CARPET.


Searching in the pound – version 3

Phew -Harley are you all right? Don’t go after that van. ( He takes off the blanket)

HE’S GONE! He went after the van. Now he’s gone to the pound! (he goes to the pound)

Not him, not him, not him – ahhhhhh – there’s Harley! (he takes him home)

Everyone – HE’S HOME!

And that is how Scott saved Harley.

The End

Lost Dog – version 2

Remember version 1 – “My New Dog”? Well, this time that very same dog is lost!

Remember he was very good but now he is very naughty because he swings on the washing line and he could destroy the whole road with that power. Now I am going to find him (so he went out the gates to find him) I wonder HOW LONG HE’S WALKED. I’ve been walking for 10 hours. Wait – could that be him?

He has a white spot under his chin. IT’S HIM! What is that van doing?

THE POUND! – COVER HIM!   (to be continued)

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